Using Saleor with React and TypeScript

This tutorial will show how to create a type-safe React application with TypeScript using the Saleor GraphQL API. Also, some basic styling will be added to this application using Bootstrap.


This tutorial will show how to create a type-safe React application with TypeScript using the Saleor GraphQL API. Also, some basic styling will be added to this application using Bootstrap.

With Saleor you can build e-commerce applications on top of their open-source, GraphQL-first e-commerce API. Saleor provides a platform delivering ultra-fast, dynamic, and personalized shopping experiences from their API, which you can connect and interact with from any (frontend) application…

You can find much information on why a reusable component library is a good investment, but most articles don’t state the (obvious) disadvantages..

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Two months ago, I started my journey at Vandebron. One of the projects I first dove into was their efforts to build a component library. Something I was already familiar with from previous companies I worked at.

On the internet, you can find many articles that describe why a reusable component library is a good investment for your development team(s). Although there’s much to say about the advantages of component libraries, most articles don’t state the (obvious)…

Recently I gave a lightning talk at dotJS 2018 — which is a great conference about the latest developments in the world of JavaScript — another person attending was the interesting Devon Lindsey talking about robots. Robots?! Yes, robots — which where running on JavaScript! This motivated me to do some online research that led me to the Johnny-Five project, a JavaScript Robotics and IoT-platform maintained by a community of passionate software developers and hardware engineers.

Over 75 developers have made contributions towards building a robust, extensible and composable ecosystem — Johnny-Five

As it happened there is a lot of…

If you are developing applications, either on the backend or frontend side, you should know what a REST API is and must have heard about GraphQL at any point. The first is a no-brainer for any developer and the latter is spreading quickly among developers that want to be on the forefront of new technologies, after Facebook open-sourced it in 2015.

Haven’t heard of it yet..?

In this article I won’t explain in detail what GraphQL is and how you could best use it (you could find this here or here), instead I will outline its pro’s and con’s against…

Earlier I wrote a Medium post showing 5 projects that were build on top of Open-Source APIs using React. In this post I will continue showing you promising projects that use Open-Source APIs, this time build with React Native. I hope these projects will give you more insights into how you can create your own applications using React Native, that’s why I included links to the original source code so you could fork them and start playing around. Spread the word, and enjoy! #javascriptEverywhere.

This project was created by Kuldeep Singh and uses the Open-Source DuckDuckGo API, which can be…

There often is a somewhat contentious relationship between developers and marketeers. But with the growth of cloud computing and the use of data-driven decision making within firms, the need for these teams to work together is growing exponentially.

But why is that? Suppose your company is investing largely in a marketing campaign to launch a (new) product or service. The job of the marketeers is to make sure this launch is a success and will lead to new customers and an increase in revenue. …

As a big fan of movies/music and React, this post will show some examples of applications I found online that share these both interests. All projects are build on open source api’s and the source code is openly available, meaning everyone can easily run these applications by themselves. How cool would it be to start building your own movie database or custom SoundCloud music player as a side project? Let’s have a look!

I really like IMDb, but their biggest downside for me is not having a public api. That’s where TMDB steps in, which has a great api containing…

Are you new at developing or are you having trouble choosing a new programming language? Don’t look any further, hackathon organiser DevPost released a list of the languages that are used most at their on- and offline events. To date they have the largest database of hackathon attendents and challenges, which makes them a credible source for these facts.

For every developer (either junior or senior) it is important to keep learning, therefore it is recommended to pick up a new programming language every now and then. As hackathons are attended by developers worldwide, they provide a good overview of…

Are you new to hackathons? As a experienced hackathon organizer and attendant, I will provide you with some guidance on how you can “survive” your first hackathon.

Although most hackathons ensure you can use their first-class internet access, this won’t always be the case. What if the connection is unstable or not as fast as you hoped? By bringing your own 3G/4G dongle, you can be certain that you are always online!

Imagine working on your prototype for 24 hours, without getting the recognition you deserve? …

Ever thought about attending a hackathon? Lots of developers worldwide are presenting themselves at hackathons, but why aren’t you doing the same? Lets have a look at the 6 most important reasons for you to attend a hackathon.

What better way to meet other developers (or even designers) than by doing what you both love the most? You can find many others that are just as much into programming as you are. Even if this isn’t your most beloved activity in the world, hackathons also provide lots of leisure activities like game tournaments and informal drinks.

Even the most humble…

Roy Derks

Roy Derks is a serial startup CTO, developer, author and conference speaker from Amsterdam. Currently leading the engineering teams at Vandebron.

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